What Is The Balanced Equation For H2so4 And NaOH?

How do you balance HCl and NaOH?

NaOH + HCl → NaCl + H2O – Balanced equation | Chemical Equations online!.

How much NaOH does it take to neutralize HCL?

Therefore, we will need about 2.5 L of sodium hydroxide to neutralize the hydrochloric acid.

What happens when NaOH reacts with h2so4?

When sodium hydroxide reacts with sulfuric acid completely it leads to the formation of sodium sulfate and water as product. … The reactants is base and a acid, which leads to neutralization process and yields a salt.

What is the formula of Sulphuric acid?

H₂SO₄Sulfuric acid/Formula

What is the balanced equation of HCl and NaOH?

HCl + NaOH = NaCl + H2O – Chemical Equation Balancer.

What is the chemical name for sulfuric acid?

H2SO4Sulfuric acid (American / IUPAC spelling) or sulphuric acid (traditional / British spelling), also known as oil of vitriol, is a mineral acid composed of the elements sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen, with molecular formula H2SO4.

Is h2so4 an acid or base?

KaAcidBase3.2 * 109Hydroiodic acidI-1.0 * 109Hydrobromic acidBr-1.3 * 106Hydrochloric acidCl-1.0 * 103Sulfuric acidHSO4 -28 more rows

Is h2so4 NaOH exothermic?

The reaction will be notably exothermic .. As always, the enthalpy of a given reaction depends on the balance between bonds broken, an ENDOTHERMIC quantity, and bonds made, an EXOTHERMIC quantity.

How many grams of NaOH are needed to neutralize?

1.48 gto convert from g NaOH to mol NaOH. = 1.48 g NaOH are needed to neutralize the acid.

What is the balanced equation for NaOH?

For example, when the base sodium hydroxide (NaOH) dissolves in water, it produces negative hydroxide ions and positive sodium ions (Na+). This can be represented by the chemical equation: NaOH H2O→ OH- + Na.

What type of reaction is h2so4 and NaOH?

titration problem4) a) It is a good habit to start by inspecting the reaction by writing the balanced equation : 2 NaOH + H2SO4 ‐‐> 2H2O + Na2SO4; This is a titration problem.

What is the PH of sulfuric acid?

2.75pH of Common Acids and BasesAcidName1 mMH2SeO4selenic acid2.74H2SO4sulfuric acid2.75HIhydroiodic acid3.01HBrhydrobromic acid3.0122 more rows•Apr 20, 2016