Quick Answer: Where Is The Bird Food In Granny?

Where can I find bird food in Granny?

Structures.Backyard.Walk-In Closet.Main Room.Secret Area Top Floor.Starting Bedroom..

Where are the items in Granny?

Granny all possible item locations:All drawers in rooms around the house.Any shelves that you can see around the house.Cupboard under the stairs.Sinks and toilets in bathroom next to starting bedroom.Shelf above the boxes that cover the secret passage on the starting floor (screenshot below)More items…•

Where is the hammer in Granny’s house?

The Special Key is in the Abandoned House Closet.

Where is the watermelon in Granny’s house?

LocationsLocation of MelonInside the MelonWorkbench in ShedPlayhouse KeyKitchen CabinetMaster KeyIn the Well or the Classified Room floorPadlock KeyCar TrunkSpark Plug

What does the teddy do in Granny?

Teddy has a couple different functionalities in the game. The first is that it allows you to hear Granny coming. You can hear her heartbeat when she is near as long as you are holding Teddy. The second functionality is to reveal a Slenderina Easter Egg in the game.

Is it possible to beat Granny?

The Granny horror game has taken the Apple and Android app store by storm as one of the hardest free escape room games around. While the original game was difficult enough to beat, the developer has recently updated it to add even more rooms, secret passages, and weapons, as well as a higher difficulty mode.

Where is the jail ventilator in Granny?

Hiding Places The Jail Cell is a cell that can be found in the Attic. It contains various items behind the Jail Ventilator (a fan that is found on the back wall of the cell). Granny will never go here on her own will unless a noise is made, or if the player goes back there with the Teddy.

What does the book do in Granny?

The Book is an item that appears in Slendrina: The Cellar, Slendrina X and was added to Granny in Update 1.5. It can be used to reveal Slendrina’s mom, hanging by her wrists in the Bookshelf Room. It is not required to beat the game, but like the Teddy, it can be used to reveal an Easter egg.

What does the bird eat in Granny?

You can use it by feeding the new pet crow in Granny horror game. You have to take the bird seed and put it on the barrel where is a ball already placed . you have to put the some seed in the bowl the crow will come and eat it and you will get a chance to take the things which is in the cage.

How do you kill a bird in Granny?

You can kill this pet by using shotgun. Another way you can deal with this pet buy feeding him bird seed 🐦.

Where is the car key in Granny’s house?

You can find the car key in one of these possible locations: The safe in the basement (requires the Safe Key), The screwdriver safe in the basement (requires the Screwdriver)

How old is Slendrina?

One year later, Simon and Angelene decided to move out. They found a new home, and then their daughter Slendrina was born. When Slendrina turned 14, the curse occured. One night, she and Simon were playing in the woods.

Does the shotgun kill Granny?

Oddly, it is not possible to kill Granny, even with a shotgun. Like the Crossbow, it can knock the Screwdriver in the can off the upstairs shelf due to its tremendous force. … The shotgun can be used to kill the spider permanently, provided it is shot in close proximity and it isn’t inside of its nest.